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The Search Committee for Trinity’s next Rector: Sara Klingner, Chair; Bob Baser, Jeanne Deets, Chris Martocchio, Lynn Norman, Pat Sisson and Rick Weaver. Please join us, the Search Committee, in prayer that God is preparing the Rector who is true to Trinity’s core and substance. As we continue in this search, please pray that God’s will be done.

The Search Committee has posted a summary of the Congregational Profile that was submitted to the Office of Transitional Ministry. Overview of Parish Profile

Some of the important themes which emerged from your comments at the “Town Meetings” are recorded in this list of “Post-It” Phrases.  Post it Phrases from the “Town Meetings”


The Rector’s Job Description is available here in both Word and PDF formats.
Rector’s Job Description (WORD)
Rector’s Job Description (PDF)

A Collect for the Search for Our New Rector:
Glorious and loving God, steadfast Shepherd and Guide: enlighten and encourage us as we seek a new rector; keep us patient, prayerful and joyful, and grant us clarity of vision to discern your will, that we may welcome someone who will faithfully minister with the people of this parish. Grant this through Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen.”


The Search Committee has reviewed every post-it note received during the many town meetings in response to the four questions posed to us by the diocese. Thank you for the over 100 responses! Your voice was heard, and we are happy to share the results with you by means of a word cloud.

What’s a word cloud?  It’s a computer-generated visual graphic that allows the reader to easily interpret the results to the questions asked.  In this computer program, each word or phrase is weighted based on how often it was written by you.

Choice of color and type font are merely presentation tools.  It is the size of the font that matters.  Words shown in a larger font than others mean a greater number of parishioners used that word or phrase in their response to the question.  Less frequently used words and phrases were captured in a smaller font.

The Rev. Canon Anne Kitch,  Canon to the Ordinary, guided us through the first town meeting. Committee Members facilitated the subsequent meetings. To frame the conversation, they used a series of four questions:

Question 1: Remember a moment that a was a high point when you felt our church was doing God’s work and fulfilling its mission . . . what was happening?

Question 2: Name the three things you value most about your congregation.

Question 3: Look back over your entire life…recall a time when you most appreciated the ministry of a priest.  What was happening?  What did you appreciate?

Question 4: What will be our congregation’s three most exciting, energizing, and important accomplishments to you over the next three years?

The First Wordle:

Wordle 1

The Second Wordle:

Wordle 2

The Third Wordle:

Wordle 3

The Fourth Wordle:

Wordle 4.01