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Forward Day by Day

The next edition of Forward Day by Day has arrived! Both the regular sized and large sized editions are available in the back of the Church (For May-July). They continue the Lenten theme. Please give it a try. It takes only a few minutes each day, and you will leave with something to think and pray about for the rest of the day. Many thanks to the Pastoral Care Committee for making this resource available to the parish.

And for those who followed the daily posts during Lent and Holy Week and would like to continue reading the posts. Here is the link to their webpage and Facebook page.


The Good Shepherd symbols explained

Many thanks to our Verger, Sara Klingner, for providing this helpful information about the Lamb Frontal and Pulpit Fall for Good Shepherd Sunday.


Good Shepherd 1

Lamb Frontal
This is an Easter frontal, with an older embroidery applied within a medallion.

The medallion, actually a “quatrefoil,” contains the ancient symbol of the risen Christ portrayed as the sacrificial lamb with the banner of victory. The three-rayed nimbus within the lamb’s halo is an ancient symbol of divine power and is used nowadays exclusively to designate manifestations of the Trinity. The embroidery is in cotton and silk flosses on a ground appliqued to the frontal itself. As with several other frontals, the embroidery on this frontal were transferred to this “new” fabric background. The age of the frontal cannot be determined.


Good Shepherd 2

Pulpit Fall
This lovely small pulpit fall

has been traditionally used for the Easter Vigil and Easter Day.The Jesugram shown here is embroidered in cotton by hand onto a soft, wool flannel ground, with the motif of the Easter lily intertwined with the letters.

The First walkabout at St. Stephen’s in Whitehall

Last night about twenty members of the parish traveled to St. Stephen’s in Whitehall for the first walkabout with the nominees for the IX Bishop of Bethlehem. It was an amazing evening–more people showed up than expected–a very good thing. The nominees answered a series of questions which had been submitted from many people throughout the diocese and then answered a few questions from the floor. It gave us a chance to get to know them better and insight into their approach to ministry as a Bishop in Northeastern, PA. We pray for both Kevin and Ruth (as they introduced themselves) in thanksgiving for their willingness to discern with us about this important ministry.

Here are a few photos which were taken last evening of The Reverend Canon Kevin D. Nichols and The Reverend Canon Ruth Woodliff-Stanley–and a few others.

Walkabout 1walkabout 2walkabout 3walkabout 4walkabout 5walkabout 6walkabout 7walkabout 8walkabout 9walkabout 10walkabout 11walkabout 12walkabout 13walkabout 14walkabout 15walkabout 16walkabout 18walkabout 19walkabout 20

You are invited to the Ordination of Jennifer Marie Scott to the Sacred Order of Deacons


DOB Seal

By the Grace of God
and with the people consenting,
the Right Reverend Sean W. Rowe
Bishop of the Diocese of Bethlehem
will ordain

Kurt Kriztofer Kovalovich
Jennifer Marie Scott


to the Sacred Order of Deacons
in Christ’s One Holy Catholic
and Apostolic Church

on Saturday, the Nineteenth of May
two thousand and eighteen
at eleven o’clock in the morning

at the Cathedral Church of the Nativity
321 Wyandotte Street
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


Your prayers and presence are requested.

Reception following        Clergy: Red stoles

Welcome to our Nominees for Bishop of Bethlehem

We were honored by a visit to day to Trinity Soup Kitchen by the two nominees for the IX Bishop of Bethlehem, The Reverend Canon Kevin D. Nichols and The Reverend Canon Ruth Woodliff-Stanley.

They joined our guests for lunch and afterwards were given a brief tour by Deacon Liz Miller. They graciously posed for a few photos in the Church. We will see them again this evening at the first walkabout.


Nominees 1Nominees 2Nominees 3Nominees 4Nominees 5Nominees 6



“Good Shepherd Sunday” at Trinity

The Fourth Sunday of Easter is known as “Good Shepherd Sunday” because of the use of Psalm 23 and the words from the tenth chapter of the Gospel According to Saint John; “Jesus said, “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.”

Trinity is blessed to have beautiful vestments and paraments/frontals to use on this day.

Good Shepherd 1Good Shepherd 2Good Shepherd 3

Good Shepherd 4

Here are the beautiful “propers” for this Sunday from the Canadian Book of Alternative Services:

I am the good shepherd, says the Lord: I know my own and my own know me. John 10.14

O God of peace,
who brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus Christ, that great shepherd of the sheep,
by the blood of the eternal covenant,
make us perfect in every good work to do your will, and work in us that which is well-pleasing in your sight; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayer over the Gifts
God of loving care,
you spread before us the table of life, and give us the cup of salvation to drink.
Keep us always in the fold of your Son Jesus Christ, our Saviour and our shepherd. Amen.

Prayer after Communion
God of steadfast love,
watch over the Church redeemed by the blood of your Son.
May we who share in these holy mysteries come safely to your eternal kingdom, where there is one flock and one shepherd.
We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ the risen Lord. Amen.

Please join us at St. Margaret Church in Emmaus on April 24th at 6:30 pm. to celebrate with Mother Jane Bender the “Welcoming of a New Priest.”

Exciting news for our partner Parish of St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland, in Emmaus!

There will be a service of “The Renewal Of Ministry with the Welcoming of a New Priest” at St. Margaret’s on Tuesday, April 24 @ 6:30 PM with Bishop Sean presiding. Mother Jane will begin her service as Priest-in-Charge. The church is located at 150 Elm St. Emmaus, PA.

Here are a few photos of Mother Jane (including one during a recent visit to Trinity–with Deacon Liz and Sister Patricia-Michael) and of St. Margaret Church.


Janejane, liz, and pattyst margaret bannerst margaret doorst margaret crossst margaret carved glass