Thanks for the Generous Donations!

Over the past several months, we have entered into a partnership with the Thomas Jefferson Elementary School. In February, the Pastoral Care Committee awarded a grant from the Wilma Lewis Endowment Fund. About a month ago, Sue Becker reached out to the teachers at Thomas Jefferson to ask them for a list of items which they needed for the end of the school year. We published the list in our online announcements and in the bulletin. The generous response from our parishioners was quite astonishing. Here are a few words from Sue Becker: “We asked for donations to Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, and were pleased and delighted at your generous response for the school supplies for them. Thank you for your kindness in this endeavor.”

Many thanks for your generous response!

TJ Donation May 2019TJ Donation-2 May 2019TJ Donation-3 May 2019