Maintenance–a perennial struggle

As anyone who works in an ageing building which is used often knows, maintenance is a constant struggle. Warmer weather often reveals problems which happened during the freezing and thawing season, and provides a time for repairs to be undertaken. Today, Sebby and friends are hard at work repairing the front steps of the church so that they will be ready for use this weekend.

There was a lovely online prayer which asks for God’s blessing on those who work to keep our buildings in good repair:

Thank you Lord for these gifted men,
that you sent to us to fix and mend.
The job they do is non-compare,
for they are first-rate, in their repair.

They are committed to their trade,
and their dedication doesn’t fade.
As they work in pairs or all alone,
they help make this a better home.

When fixing wrongs to make them right,
they also use your guiding light.
So Lord, please watch over these gifted men,
that you sent to us to fix and mend.

Copyright Paul MacPherson 2013. All rights reserved.