A Letter from Bishop Sean challenging our Church to work for the fair treatment of women at every level

DSC06289Bishop Sean

On July 4th, Bishop Sean wrote an Op-Ed letter regarding the importance of working to treat women with respect, dignity and equality in our Church. Here is the link to the letter posted on the homepage of the Diocese of Bethlehem.

Here is a quote from the letter:

“The Episcopal Church has much work to do to ensure the fair treatment of women at every institutional level, from the local parish to the highest positions of power. Even though sexual abuse is the most urgent matter, and should thus be given priority, the problems go far deeper and cut to the heart of how the church treats women.

Biases, both conscious and unconscious, still conspire to push female church employees into lower-paying or part-time positions more frequently than their male counterparts. That means they advance more slowly into leadership, earn less money than men —as much as 11 cents on the dollar less over the course of a career — and retire with smaller pensions.

To work against these biases we need to keep a close eye on disparities in pay. We need to strengthen the internal church laws that prohibit discriminatory hiring practices, continue the collection of compensation data and establish anti-sexism training in seminaries. These measures are included in the committee’s resolutions and are all worthy of support.”