Our new phone system


With thanks to the Vestry, and most especially to our Senior Warden, Ross Mangina, we now have a new and functioning phone system. Several months ago, our old NEC phone system began to fail and finally “died.” We called in experts to evaluate it and discovered that it was not even possible to procure replacement parts for the phone system. After doing a good deal of research and after speaking with several providers, the contract was awarded to Guyette. They came last week and installed the new system for us. It offers greater functionality than the previous system and will enable to us to work more efficiently.

Many thanks to our parish family for your incredible patience with us. It should now be easier to stay in touch with us. Our core staff will receive training in the new system this afternoon. If you have any difficulties calling us or connecting with us, please let us know right away.

When you call the office, you do not need to listen to the greeting (unless you wish to do so). You may immediately enter the extension numbers and be connected.  Just in case you do not remember, here are the primary extension numbers:

The main Parish Number is (610) 867-4741. Our Fax number is (610) 867-5206

The Parish Office, x 301 (millard@trinitybeth.org)
Deacon Liz or the Soup Kitchen, x. 302 (liz@trinitybeth.org)
The Rector’s Office, x 304 (donna@trinitybeth.org)

The Business Office, x. 303 (bookkeeper@trinitybeth.org)

We also have an emergency number which will quickly put you in touch with Donna. When the office is closed, please enter the number 1. At other times, you may dial (610) 625-1490.