“The Male Choir of Trinity Church presents Easter Music and Other Selections”

Many thanks to Andrew McIntosh for uploading selections from the Record (vinyl) of  “The Male Choir of Trinity Church Presents Easter Music and Other Selections. Marvin Beinema, M.S.M Organist and Choirmaster.” The Album Cover does not say what year the recording took place. However, it tells us that The Reverend Merrill Moore, S.T.D., was Rector and that The Reverend Gerald A. Reiss, S.T.B. was the Assistant.  The album was recorded and produced by Helfrich Recording Labs, 419 West Fourth Street, Bethleham, Pennsylvania.

One of the songs has remained closely connected with the parish over many years– “Oh, the Golden Glowing Morning,” by Lejune. It is an Easter Processional, and is still used.