The Good Shepherd symbols explained

Many thanks to our Verger, Sara Klingner, for providing this helpful information about the Lamb Frontal and Pulpit Fall for Good Shepherd Sunday.


Good Shepherd 1

Lamb Frontal
This is an Easter frontal, with an older embroidery applied within a medallion.

The medallion, actually a “quatrefoil,” contains the ancient symbol of the risen Christ portrayed as the sacrificial lamb with the banner of victory. The three-rayed nimbus within the lamb’s halo is an ancient symbol of divine power and is used nowadays exclusively to designate manifestations of the Trinity. The embroidery is in cotton and silk flosses on a ground appliqued to the frontal itself. As with several other frontals, the embroidery on this frontal were transferred to this “new” fabric background. The age of the frontal cannot be determined.


Good Shepherd 2

Pulpit Fall
This lovely small pulpit fall

has been traditionally used for the Easter Vigil and Easter Day.The Jesugram shown here is embroidered in cotton by hand onto a soft, wool flannel ground, with the motif of the Easter lily intertwined with the letters.