The First walkabout at St. Stephen’s in Whitehall

Last night about twenty members of the parish traveled to St. Stephen’s in Whitehall for the first walkabout with the nominees for the IX Bishop of Bethlehem. It was an amazing evening–more people showed up than expected–a very good thing. The nominees answered a series of questions which had been submitted from many people throughout the diocese and then answered a few questions from the floor. It gave us a chance to get to know them better and insight into their approach to ministry as a Bishop in Northeastern, PA. We pray for both Kevin and Ruth (as they introduced themselves) in thanksgiving for their willingness to discern with us about this important ministry.

Here are a few photos which were taken last evening of The Reverend Canon Kevin D. Nichols and The Reverend Canon Ruth Woodliff-Stanley–and a few others.

Walkabout 1walkabout 2walkabout 3walkabout 4walkabout 5walkabout 6walkabout 7walkabout 8walkabout 9walkabout 10walkabout 11walkabout 12walkabout 13walkabout 14walkabout 15walkabout 16walkabout 18walkabout 19walkabout 20