Preparing for the Walkabouts with the nominees for Bishop of Bethlehem

The Bishop Search Committee for the Diocese of Bethlehem has released the latest insert for the bulletin. The nominees have indicated that they would like to hear from the people of the diocese.

Here is the description which they provide for what happens at the Walkabouts:

“The Walkabouts are a time for the members of the Episcopal Diocese
of Bethlehem to see and hear from our Bishop Nominees.
This is also a great way for our members to show support for the
next bishop of our diocese.

From 7-9 pm each night, we will gather together for a welcoming prayer and
an introduction of the Bishop Nominees and their spouses. We will then divide
the group into two separate areas. During these small group sessions,
we will learn more about the Nominees and have the opportunity to ask
them questions. Questions will be taken from those emailed in advance, or
those written on an index card that evening and submitted to the moderator.
Nominees will spend approximately 40 minutes with each small group.
At the end of the evening, we will gather back together to hear some brief
reflections and a closing prayer.”

As a parish, we are planning to attend the first Walkabout at St Stephen’s Episcopal Church, 3900 Mechanicsville Rd, Whitehall, PA, on Tuesday, April 17th. Please plan to attend. And may we ask you to please sign-up on the board outside the Rector’s Office so that we know who will be going?

Here is the link to the latest insert.