Does the translation matter?

In case you wondered, the Episcopal Church normally uses the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible (Hebrew and Christian Scriptures). This translation, which dates from 1989, reflects the best of modern scholarship–across denominational lines (it included mainline Protestant, Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Jewish scholars). It attempts to “hold on to the best” from the past, when possible. But updates and changes to reflect modern language (the way people actually speak today). And it also intentionally re-translates some passages to more carefully reflect the language used in the earliest available sources. It also has made an effort to avoid sexist language, whenever possible.  This is the translation which we use at every Service at Trinity.  To view what The Episcopal Church says about this translation, click here.

Do you ever wonder what the readings will be for next Sunday? If so, a helpful place to look is The Lectionary Page. Would you like to learn more about the Lives of the Saints? Here is a handy link to use.

Have you ever wanted to pray the Liturgy of the Hours (Morning Prayer, Noon Prayer, Evening Prayer or Compline) but thought it was too complicated? Why not give the Mission of St. Clare a try — there is even an option to listen to the Office as it is prayed.