From the Pulpit: “Finding God in difficult and demanding experiences of life.”

” It pleases me that so many of the Psalms speak to my love of music, all kinds of music, but especially the music of the church. In fact, they hymns, anthems and service music of the church have always served as my prayer, praise and thanksgiving to God.  Even when my experience of church seemed distant and remote–even damaging to me, I was able to ‘sing to the Lord with thanksgiving.’ Truth be told, however, I think God might be amused by the ways I also relate to the psalmist, David, whose musical talents compelled him to dance with joy as he brought the Ark of the Covenant home to the Israelites. Because dancing–from formal ballroom to rock and roll, has always been a kind of spriritual experience for me, as well, So, I can’t help smiling whenever I read or hear the Psalms of David. Even more important to me, however, are those times I find myself in psalms that speak to the more difficult and demanding experiences of my life; such psalms always bring me the comfort and assurance I need as I ‘wait for God’s gracious favor.'”

From a sermon by the Reverend Donna, J. Larson, Interim Priest. Sunday, February 4, 2018