“Come and Worship” with the Trinity Handbell Choir this Sunday at 10:15 a.m.

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Today Sunday, February 11, 2018
The Last Sunday After the Epiphany

The happy, uplifting sound of bells traditionally call us to worship. This last Sunday After the Epiphany reminds us to be of a joyous nature revelling in Christ in the moment, as we soon will enter into the more somber period of Lent.

Please note that the third hymn, “We Adore Thee!” features an introductory “call to worship.” It mirrors the beckoning peal of the morning (matins) church bells–inviting us to lay aside routine details, and the busyness of our daily lives–to come to a time for worship and reflection. Imagine yourself, in days past, and hearing the church bells rung. Listen as the first eight measures, four counts each-mark this call,

Did you know that “Humbly I Adore Thee” is a French Church melody based on St Thomas Aquinas’ 13th-century plainchant tune, Adoro te Devote and was included in the Hymnal of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, 1940.

A prominent theme in today’s featured hymns is “adoration” (remember that in important prayers, such as “The Lord’s Prayer,” adoration often begins the prayer):

Praise and Thanks to God          Arranged by Carol A. Scheel
Humbly I Adore You                    Arranged by Shawn Gingrich
We Adore Thee (Based on Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”)    Arranged by Jason W. Krug

Trinity’s Handbell Choir

George Kondash, Director (and on Bass Bells/Chimes)

On Treble Bells/Chimes                     On Bass Bells/Chimes
Lynne Handwerk                                Joyce Meinke
Lynn Norman                                      Gary Handwerk
Jeanne Deets                                        Cole Hamel
Carolee Garcia
Jose Garcia
Sue Mangina

The following photos were taken at our weekly morning rehearsal on Tuesday, February 6th at 9:30 a. m., in the church.