From the Pulpit: “The kingdom of God really is breaking into the world.”

Every Sabbath, every seventh day of the week, is a pointer to God’s future Great Sabbath, the messianic age. And if that is the case, the Sabbath was not the wrong time, but precisely the right time, for the Messian to begin his healing work, right there in the synagogue at Capernaum. Whether we think of demon possession as an attack on a person by real agents of evil in rebellion against God or as the way that people in the first century thought of mental illness, it is something that threatens God’s good creation. And Jesus begins his healing ministry by doing away with it. He will continue, through his ministry to do that by forgiving sins and healing the lame, the blind, and those with other ailments. It is a sign that the kingdom of God really is breaking into the world!

From a sermon by the Reverend Doctor Richard C. Ditterline, Priest Associate on the Fourth Sunday After the Epiphany, January 28, 2018.