From the Pulpit: “God created a world that was intended to have a history.”

God did not create a changeless world in the beginning, but rather a world that was intended to have a history–to develop over the course of time. God is not resting now, but continues to sustain the world, and work in it through the natural processes God has created. Science enables us to understand quite well how these processes take place but we still pray for food and healing and the other necessities of life, believing that God works in and through natural forces.

And God directs the world towards the goal that God intends for it, because creation is not pointless and without meaning. That goal, the completion of God’s creative work, is what the people of Israel came to call the kingdom of God. It is the age of the Messiah, symbolized by the Sabbath of the creation story. It is the time when all the powers that threaten creation, all the pains and ills that afflict God’s creatures, will be vanquished and done away with. It is the time that the prophets of Israel looked forward.

From a sermon by the Reverend Doctor Richard C. Ditterline, Priest Associate on the Fourth Sunday After the Epiphany, January 28, 2018.